Kiw-tie, the kiwi bird

Our adorable and polite kiwi bird: Kiw-tie

This little chubby is Kiw-tie, and it's a kiwi bird. Chubby, educated, polished and somewhat smug. It always has to be fixed wherever it goes, be with his bow tie, handkerchief or any other accessory. Use her elegance to get your attention and make you pay attention, since he loves cuddles. When she's not in your arms she'll stay close, carefully observing everything around him (living close to nature or rural surroundings will be a pleasure for you). Has a very calm character and does not like loud noises.

Kiw-tie has a gift for combining colors and accessories, always looking as handsome as possible. So you are sure to find a perfect kiwi for you, whatever your tastes are.

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