In any pot on any balcony, terrace or garden, little ears can sprout and suddenly a plump and soft bunny appears. This is a Bulbunny, and if you take care of it and water it with love and dedication, soon your favorite plant will bloom in your head. This is how he will show you his friendship and his gratitude for taking such good care of him.

These little ones love to sunbathe while enjoying your company, so it is best to place them in a place close to where you spend more time. They also like to have other Bulbunny around so they don't feel so alone when you're not around..

The Bulbunny are the Pick Chick characters that represent friendship. These bunnies are the ideal gift for any loved one whom you want to thank for being there. They not only symbolize the emotional bond and gratitude, but also that relationships must be cared for so that they bear fruit, like the little plants.

In addition, the Bulbunny are developed according to the preferences of their owner, that is why they exist in a multitude of colors and with a great variety of plants. There is a perfect Bulbunny for every person. They themselves are the representation of affection, but they have other added values. And it is that both colors and plants also have their own language. So when you give one of these bunnies to a loved one you will not only be giving them a unique character. You can hide a special message and tell it many more things depending on the choice of tones and the flower it wears.

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