Candy Narwal

Need a sugar rush? Candy Narwal es para ti.

They say narwhals are the unicorns of the sea, so… Why not make them even sweeter? These little ones were born from that idea. They suddenly appear in pastry shops and ice cream parlors around the world. They blend in between cupcakes and cones, waiting for their new owner to adopt them. They exist in different colors and flavors, each with its own topping according to its character. Which Candy Narwal fits you best? Sweet and gooey like Nutella crepe? Cool and calm like After Eight? Or party and citrus like a mojito? Whichever you choose, sure you make a good couple. He will be happy to accompany you everywhere, But be careful not to eat it by mistake!

And did you know that the Candy Narwal have little brothers? It's about the BonBon Narwal, even smaller narwhals, that hide in boxes of chocolates and bags of candy. Not all of them are chocolate, like their older brothers they adopt the taste of many types of sweets. But being so small they are afraid to end up under some cake by mistake if they run around, so they feel much safer surrounded by food of their size.

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