Brand's symbol and the absolute main character: Chiripio

Adorable chick

Chiripío is our adventurous little chick, determined and adorable. Pick Chick's first product was a felt chick brooch, and even though it has evolved a lot, and for those days he had no name yet, that's how Chiripío was born. Because he is the logo of the brand, this chick thinks he's kind of influencer, so he loves to try all outfits he can, take pictures and be the center of attention. Whatever he wears, he always has a fabulous look and he knows it, so ihe adores to pose in front of the camera. He is extremely curious and lofty, but a little itchy too. He loves being taken for a walk to visit new places where he can show off his sculptural body and his hats., so he will take advantage when you are not looking to get into your bag or backpack always he can.

Chiripío has chick friends of many different colors who also like to try different style clothes and going everywhere.. For sure you will find the perfect Chiripío for you, and thanks to their accessories you will be able to highlight their unique personality and completely adapt her to your tastes.

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