Da-doh the dinosaur

Pssst, Have you heard that deep bozarron all over town? Sure this is Da-Doh Dinosaur.

Da-Doh Dinosaur is a huge dinosaur who is passionate about music. People are scared of him because of his size and because he speaks too loudly, but he's actually very folksy and good-natured (does not control the volume of their roars, and scares everyone inadvertently). All he wants is to sing and dance all day, hence its name, that looks like something out of any musical. His dream is to succeed in Broadway musicals, although with that size it is somewhat difficult. Still very enthusiastic, keep working on it and don't give up. He is always lively and energetic, so wearing so much it's normal that I'm always hungry…

This big guy doesn't just dance: any activity that can help you improve your form to give it your all on stage is worth it. So it's not uncommon to see him practice yoga, for example.

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