Zebra Finches

Mandarin diamonds have always been a part of my life in a special way.

Mandarin Diamonds are not a character created by Pick Chick itself., but they are birds that really exist. They are originally from Australia, and they are characterized by being tiny, the bright red color of its beak and legs, and his curious song (more than tweet, it seems that they say mec). Not to mention its colors, the male looks like a mix of different prints from the eighties. These little creatures have been around throughout my life and they were the first pet I had being aware of and responsible for it. (I fell madly in love with them upon discovering them). During all these years they have served as inspiration and I have developed my current style in part based on how I drew these little birds as a child.: round and simplified. It's more, my artistic pseudonym, Guy, comes from the noise that these birds make.

I have created different illustrations, prints and stuffed animals with the image of these little birds, and I think I'll keep doing it for a very long time.

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