Half mango half lovebird, Mangoporni comes to mess it up.

The Mangoporni are these little creatures from to the fruitbird group, with Pollito Limón and Cherrybird. Half lovebird half mango, they are the loudest creatures in the whole family. They have a lot of self-confidence and are quite bossy, but they aren't really smart. They always want to have their own way, even if sometimes it's difficult for them to understand the situations in which they find themselves. They are very tricky and nosy, so they will want to see what you do at all time. They are very observant, but not always too sharp, that's why maybe they will stand for a long time staring at anything. Real lovebirds live as a couple, but Mangopornis have an obsession with their owner, and they will mess with anyone they consider a rival when it's a cuddles and attention issue (they are VERY jealous).

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