Maurice (Maurice the Fat Cat)

This is our big fluffy guy, Maurice the Fat Cat

Maurice (nicknamed Fat Cat), is a very, very fat cat, souped up, indulged and spoiled by his old lady owner. Sometimes she knits him sweaters with all the patterns and themes you can imagine (she is a wool magician). Maurice wear them a bit resigned (Who could imagine dress a wild hunter feline so ridiculously like this?), but he understands that's the price to pay for her house cat comforts. He likes to go out for a walk in the neighborhood, gang with her other cat friends and lying in the sun or near warm things. He is very independent and likes to go his own way, less when it's time to eat. Because he lives because and for food, Cans, dry feed, ham or any leftover from the corner bin. He is a vacuum cat. Maurice continues with the idea that he is a great hunter and relentless cat, but his extra kilos are a little issue when he tries to show his habilities.

Kids, Maurice can be funny, but obesity in pets is a serious issue, So watch out for your furry friends weight before it's too late for their health!!

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