Mobbo, the monster of hugs

Mobbo is our furry monster that helps to fight anxiety and depression.

It's said that when you are sad a monster Mobbo appears and hugs you. They won't solve your problems, but they will make you feel a little better transmitting all their affection and if you tell them about the feelings which worry you.

Mobbos are a representation of the problems and potholes that we find in our life. These obstacles can seem as big as a mountain., and we can't always get over them alone. But however, with time you must accept them, make them become part of you and then turn them into another experience to learn from and build yourself as the person you are. Definitely, you have to hug those difficulties to overcome them, even if sometimes they can be as scary as a monster.

Every Mobbo comes with a card where you can write their name and the reason why you need their hug: this will help you to identify and accept the problem. And hugging them and having them close to you will remind you not to give up and keep fighting to overcome the problems..

You can adopt a plush Mobbo for you or give them to someone you know needs it. There are some Mobbo ready looking for a new home, but if you prefer you can order a personalized one with your favorite colors by email. Below you will find some of the Mobbo that have already been adopted.

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Some Mobbo who have found a home:

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