Half fish half cat, Nekoi represent the love for nature and oriental culture

Nekoi are small kittens raised in gardens and forests near rivers, lakes and ponds. They were cats who were so fascinated by the huge koi fishes that they ended up mutating into a creature more like them for being able to play in the water. They live in quiet, well-kept gardens, surrounded by plants and flowers, as they feed on the petals that fall into the water whenever they can. They usually swim in a group, and they love to play with each other to chase and jump. Just as there are cats and tents of many colors, Nekoi exist in a wide variety of shades and spots throughout the body. However, it is said that the most common are the green-eyed tricolor.

These koi kitties like the quiet life, rest in the sun and play with your friends or with any reed or twig that moves in the wind. They are capable of living out of the water, but they should not stray too far from it and stay well hydrated with a dip from time to time. Although they are shy and skittish at first, they become very cuddly when they trust you.

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