Pollito Limón

Half chick half lemon, this is Pollito Limón.

Pollito Limón was the second character created exclusively for Pick · Chick after Chiripío. Half chick half lemon as the name suggests, this little guy borns from the lemon trees of abandoned fields. When one of the trees takes fruit with the face of a chick, we know that it is the one. Once the lemons are ripe enough, two little legs appear in the fruit, and it fall from the tree, and this is how a Pollito Limón is born. This little creature is unsettled, fearful and whiny. As soon as he gets scared or feels insecure, he uses his long legs to run away quickly (but they are so thin that sometimes they get tangled and he falls). Even Pollito Limón tries to live his life quietly, he's a little bit jinx, and his resemblance to normal lemons sometimes causes him some troubles because of people's confusion. Sometimes he feels tiny and different in a world like ours, but that does not stop him from squeezing life to the fullest.

This little cutie was also the protagonist of my final degree project, starring in a series of t-shirt designs. Because of that, among other things, he is one of the most special characters for me. At some point I will explain this little adventure on the blog.

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