Peluche Chiripio Miraculous Ladybug & Black cat

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Chiripio Ladybug and Chat Noir plush toys.


Chiripio has found the box of wonders and has not hesitated to start messing with them. So here you have Chiripio Ladybug and Chiripio Chat Noir to protect Paris from the akuma.
Stuffed animals inspired by the Miraculous Ladybug animation series.
Handmade with fur fabric and polymer clay details. Chat Noir's ears are made of leatherette.

Ladybug mide 11 cm y Chat Noir 13 cm aprox. It is a decorative item, It's not a toy. Take a look at the rest of Chiripios in the store and collect them!

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Ladybug, Chatnoir, Pack Ladybug + Chatnoir


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