MOBBO plush, the monster that hugs patty

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Handmade Mobbo Plush.

Size: 35 cm

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It is said that when you are sad a Mobbo appears and hugs you. They won't solve your problems, but it will make you feel better by transmitting all the affection with which it is made. Because each Mobbo is unique, and it is made entirely by hand.

Mobbo are a representation of the problems that plague us throughout life. You must accept them, make them yours and turn them into one more experience to learn from and build you as the person you are. Definitely, you must embrace the obstacles to overcome them, although sometimes they scare as much as a monster.

Each Mobbo comes with its numbered identification card and with space to write the name of the Mobbo, the owner's, and the reason you need a hug.
35 cm high approx.

You can adopt this or another of the Mobbos that we have in stock, or order your personalized Mobbo.

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