About the brand and me

About Pick · Chick

Pick Chick was born in 2009, while I was studying the artistic baccalaureate. The name came from a design class work, where I created a logo for a brand with which to market the felt brooches that I sewed. A year later, as I delve into Pullip doll collecting, I started selling handmade clothes for them under the name Pick · Chick, and that was when the brand became better known on the internet, participating in forums, events and fairs.

On 2016, and after a little personal crisis, I stopped sewing doll clothes to focus on stuffed animals and illustration much more seriously. Make Pick Chick not just a hobby and try to make it my job. I started attending illustration events and was part of the Navis Delirium group to create various fanzines.

For a while I was combining this project with other part-time jobs until finally, on 2019, I was able to register as a freelancer and become a professional freelance artist. Since then, although the covid crisis has done a lot of damage, I continue to fight for Pick · Chick to be a stable business project that allows me to live off my passions.

About me

marta alvarez campillo artisan pickchick illustrator by mec

My name is Marta, but on the internet I am known as Mec, o Dude-chan. I'm from Martorell, a town near Barcelona (Spain), and I'm addicted to creating cute things. My work is very inspired by Kawaii, animals (especially the birds), the comic, the animation, the geek scene, Japanese culture and day to day. Even though I ended up studying design at university, my true passions are drawing and sewing. I like to create my own characters, with their stories and quirks, and then translate them into drawings or in three dimensions thanks to sewing.

I'm a vintage Pullip and My Little Pony doll collector (you can see photos in Instagram and Flickr). I adore animals, but birds are my little obsession, especially mandarin diamonds. I am currently a freelance artist, I do illustration work, graphic design and crafts, at the same time that I expand my personal Pick · Chick brand and give workshops and drawing and plastic arts classes.

I live with three cats, two mandarin diamonds and a boyfriend in a small but happy apartment.